The metaverse
where you belong.

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The next evolution
of social connection

VAST is built for communities across chains. Explore the galaxy together.

VAST Gameplay Demo from VAST on Vimeo.

  • Innovative, Fun Ways to Connect

    Hop aboard a spaceship with friends to explore the galaxy, play games, shop and more.

  • Reputation Power and Identity

    Level up with Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) as you earn achievements and badges over time.

  • Immersive Live Events

    LOL at comedy shows, watch exclusive films, attend town halls and enjoy bands play on the rings of Saturn.


The galaxy is
yours to explore.

Customize your Explorer to look how you want, and equip VAST assets to clothe them.

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Live Among the Stars


Find your place in the galaxy.

In VAST, the galaxy is yours to explore... in style.

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